Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We're Sean and Jill Mitchell: bonafide foodies, wine lovers, coffee snobs and all round bon vivants. Some have even said we are "the ultimate couple friend." (We think it has a nice ring to it!)


It all began in a karaoke bar in 2002. Sean's band at the time was looking for a new singer, and scouting out local karaoke talent seemed like a good place to start. As fate would have it, Jill showed up to that night to lend moral support to a fellow singer. Long story short, Jill got the gig with Sean's band and we fell in love (a real Ross-and-Rachel kinda thing). 

We have been performing together since then and enjoy every second of it! Ten years later, almost to the day, we made it official. Heck, we even played our own wedding ... no kidding. (Check out the photo to the left!)


Alaska, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama — we have performed for clients all over the world, at corporate events, weddings, hotel & resorts, casinos and cruise lines.  Full client list here.  

Whether you are looking for a chill, laid back kinda thing, a funky head bopping vibe or some sweet singalongs, we've got you covered. In addition to great sound and awesome entertainment, our show includes an extensive list of over 150 songs, catering to all ages and musical tastes. Full song list here. 

We play Roland digital musical instruments exclusively. This affords us a superior sounding, studio-quality performance that is pleasing to the ears and volume controlled. Our show is 100% live off the floor (no backing tracks), making Echo Drop a true one-of-a-kind act, more like a trio or full band. Jill (lead vocalist) plays keyboards, while Sean (drummer) plays electronic drums, bass synth and sings—yes, all at the same time! Check out our videos here.

Get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you soon!