Changsha, China

We lived in Changsha for 6 months and performed as their featured cabaret act. What an amazing experience filled with incredible people, good food and so much fun! 

The Bahamas

What more can we say ... it's the freakin Bahams!

Cartagena, Columbia

Cartagena is on our list of places to return to very soon. What an amazing city and vibrant culture.


One place we never thought we would see is the Panama Canal. If ever you get the opportunity, it is an amazing sight to see!

Costa Rica

Another beautiful country filled with amazing people. 


Guatemala is a beautiful country and the people are so gracious. We had the BEST Pina Coladas there. Of course, when you visit the towns and meet the people of this great country, you soon learn what real poverty is. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We had a whole day off from playing in Mexico. Sean seemed to enjoy it to the fullest. 

San Diego, USA

Such a beautiful city. We fell in love with SD immediately. Food, art and weather .. what could be better?

San Francisco, USA

We too left our hearts in San Fran ... can't wait to go back!

Alaska, USA

Our tour aboard the Celebrity X Infinity took us to the northern most state of the US. Met some awesome people and saw some breathtaking scenery!