Our Show


Because we utilize Roland digital musical technology exclusively, Echo Drop is able offer a superior sounding, studio-quality performance. 

The show is 100% live off the floor (no backing tracks), making Echo Drop a true one-of-a-kind act that many have said sound more like a trio or full band. Jill (lead vocalist) plays keyboards, while Sean (drummer) plays drums, bass synth and sings—yes, all at the same time!  


In addition to great sound and awesome entertainment, our show includes an extensive song list of over 150 songs, catering to all ages and musical tastes. Full song list here.

And yes, we're married. Some have called us "the ultimate couple friend"—we think it has a nice ring to it!


We have been performing together for over 15 years and enjoying every second of it! Heck, we even played our own wedding .. no kidding! 

As the saying goes, life is a journey-- and Echo Drop has been on one heck of a ride! We have performed for clients all over the world for corporate events, weddings, hotel & resorts, casino and cruise lines. Full client list here

Our show has taken us to places like Alaska, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama to perform for some amazing people including the CEO of IHG Hotels group and Zhang Ziyi, star of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Echo Drop has been featured on radio stations in the US, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. We were the featured performer in Changsha, China, for that city's Earth Hour event. This performance was broadcast live to an online audience of over 180,000 people.